Sunday, October 23, 2011

Friendly Netball Match with BruLeeds & BruHull.

Assalamualaikum readers (:

On the Saturday, 22nd October 2011,
We had a friendly Netball match with BruLeeds & BruHull at Gryphon Sport Centre,Leeds, Woodsley Road. Before that, We, BruBrads took over Subway for Breakfast. Om nom nom! :D

at Subway,for Breakfast!
waiting for the train to the train, planning the game strategy. @ Gryphon Sport Centre.

GO Brubrads! (:
the netball match between BruLeeds & Brubrad.
Group photo with BruLeeds & BruHull.

photos credits to Farhah, Wafiiyah & Marha.


Assalamualaikum Warrahmatullahi Wabarakatuh,

We had our first tadarus session together at Ashgrove on Thursday, 14th october this year. Since we are planning to khatam together with the other Bruneian Society here in the UK during easter, we decided to have a ritual Thursday night every week. we decided to read 2 juz every week, 1 juz read by the boys and another juz by the girls. The Second tadarus was carried on the next week,Friday, 21st october.

The executive committee 2011/2012.

Assalamualaikum again everyone.

Since the semester started, we had our first General meeting on Wednesday,5th October 2011 at Ashgrove place,where we also had a little ice breaking session, to get to know the new juniors.

we have also selected our executive committee for 2011/2012 :

The President - Nur Hafizuddin Yassin

The Secretaries -

Nur Fatin Farhah Mustapha

& Deborah On Chyai Ying

Treasurer - Nur Zafirah Amirah Daud

Sport Officers -

Mohd Zakirin Hussin (male)

& Amal Syazwani Aziyan (female)

Religious Officer - Azeem Omarali

Media/IT Officer - Wafiiyah Iskandar

well that's it for now, till then! (:

Hello freshers!

Assalamualaikum & hello everyone!

Welcome back to uni, Brubrad members! I hope you all had a great summer holiday. Also, Welcome to Bradford for the new members of Brubrad. Hope Bradford is treating you all well so far. You guys might be homesick, but who isn't? :)

Here's a video, posted by one of our seniors, Zaini. It's a very helpful video for those who want to take a tour to places around Bradford, that we did not even know most of these interesting places existed! Here you go!

(Ignore the informations about pubs & clubs, hehe)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Assalamualaikum Warahamtullah

The Higher Education Unit cordially invite you to the above event which will be held on the following,

Date: Monday 25th July 2011
Time: 8.00 am – 2.00pm
Venue: Foyer of the new Science, ICT and Library. Maktab Duli PMAMB Gadong

The main aim of the event is to establish networking connections between undergraduate students who are currently studying in the UK with the students who are planning on going to the UK to further their studies. From establishing these networks, students can use this opportunity to seek advice and information on the university within the region represented by the society, the courses they are sitting for, accommodation arrangements, atmosphere and environment, living conditions and so on. This will also be useful for students who are about to depart to the UK so they will be able to meet a friendly and familiar face when they are abroad.

Participating student societies can also benefit from this event by reaching out to the students to boost membership and also promote their respective societies, universities and their activities.

The College will prepare tables and chairs for the societies to set up themselves before the event. Light refreshments will be provided in the morning.

The societies invited and currently awaiting confirmation are from the following regions
 Sheffield
 London
 Leicester
 Birmingham
 Kent
 Wales
 Keele
 Nottingham
 Newcastle
 Manchester
 Norwich, East Anglia
 Hull
 Leeds
 Loughborough
 Warwick
 Bradford
 Durham
 Southampton

For further information on the event, please contact Cikgu Nur Adyani Haji Yusop, Head of the Higher Education Unit at +6732427235 or +6738980811 or email

We look forward to hearing a favourable reply.

Warm Regards, Wassalam.

Dayang Marina Chek binti Bujang
Acting Principal
Maktab Duli Pengiran Muda Al-Muhtadee Billah
Gadong BE1318
Negara Brunei Darussalam

Majlis Ramah Mesra dan Junjung Ziarah

Majlis Ramah Mesra dan Junjung Ziarah Bersana Rakyat serta Penduduk di Daerah Brunei Muara Sempena Sambutan Perayaan Ulang Tahun Keputeraan Baginda Yang Ke 65 Tahun

7 pagi
24 Julai 2011, Hari Ahad

Taman Haji Sir Muda Omar Ali Saifuddien
Nombor Kem: 11

Makluman: Para jemputan digalakkan meletakkan kereta di kawasan Masjid Jame’ Asr Hassanil Bolkiah, Kampong Kiarong di mana perkhidmatan shuttle bus menuju ke Taman Haji Sir Muda Omar Ali Saifuddien akan disediakan

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

BAG Networks Recruitment Drive advert

Assalamualaikum semua,

Please forward this on to the upcoming UK-graduates (or already graduates) and/or if possible, post up on your respective websites.

BAG Networks will be hosting a recruitment drive this weekend (June 11th) at Coffeezone, Gadong from 10am to 6pm. Those interested, please bring along their relevant documentation and CV. I am well aware of the different exam periods and I am also aware that some people might still be in UK, however, just for their info, please help me spread the word.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to e-mail me for more information.

Many thanks in advance for your help and time

Kind Regards,

Yasmin Patera

Project Analyst

BAG Networks Sdn Bhd

In-Residence Level 6 Empire Arcade

Jerudong BG3122 Negara Brunei Darussalam

Tel: +673-8754844 (mobile)